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Links For Teachers

There are loads of great resources, games and apps out there to add variety and make your English classes fun. However, with so many available it can be difficult to know where to look first and which ones to use. 

These are some of our personal favourites:


Resources & Materials

British Council - The British Council provides a range of free high quality teaching resources and materials for all levels and age groups. 

Cambridge English - Lots of free exercises for Cambridge exam preparation

OneStop English - Resource library and lesson plans for English teachers, this website covers ESP and Business as well as exam preparation and general English. Try it free for a month or subscribe. We think it's well worth the annual subscription fee.

Dave's ESL Cafe - No preparation games and ideas for the classroom. 

Flo-Joe - Loads of great free stuff to help your students prepare for exams. 

Randall's ESL Listening Lab - This library is full of sound clips and listening exercises sorted according to ability and topic. 

FluentU - Cloud based immersive language learning experience. Graded content developed from authentic videos help your students learn effortlessly. Monthly subscription charge for teachers based on the number of students (minimum of 10 required). 

Off2Class - This website offers the full package for independent online English teachers. Needs assess your students and look at their gap analysis. Add your student to the class and choose a lesson. Cost of monthly subscription depends on the number of students. Ideal for teachers that spend a lot of time tutoring one-to-one online.  


Games & Apps

Kahoot - Create fun multiple choice quizzes and keep track of progress with a leader board to create competition in the classroom. Ideal tool for revision and end of unit assessments. 

Menitmeter - Create word clouds and monitor student confidence in the classroom. Access on any device.

Socrative - Create quizzes, assess student performance and keep track of their progress. Download individual assessment results to Excel with no paper, marking or admin required. 

Padlet - Online wiki and collaborative tool for the classroom. Upload content for your students to view at home or get students to upload their own as part of a project. 

What am I? - Based on the classic party game 'who am I?', this app for android is great fun and suitable for all levels. Simply pick a topic to suit your lesson theme. Absolutely no preparation required. Also available for iPhone. 


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