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Professional Consultation

As a professional teacher, of course you want what's best for your learners. However, there are a whole host of challenges and stresses that you may encounter in your every-day quest to create exceptional learning experiences.

'Will my students pass their exams?'

'What is the most effective way to present this information?'

'My lesson didn't go as planned'

'Are my teaching methods effective?'

At times you may question your own ability or be overly self-critical when a student doesn't manage to reach a specific target or perform as they'd hoped.

Keeping on top of these sorts of challenges can be even more difficult for independent teachers working online or from home, where there is a lack of institutional support and opportunities to interact, observe and collaborate with other teachers. 

English with Cara offers an online consultation service for ESOL/EAL practitioners wishing to discuss challenges in education, continue their professional development and/or get professional feedback on their teaching practice. 

Our consultation services offer you a range of options including:

  • One-to-one professional discussion and Q&A via Skype
  • Ideas to improve your teaching style & lesson content
  • Help to develop your skills for teaching online
  • Observation of your teaching or tutoring with specific feedback 
  • Individual support and coaching for new teachers & trainees
  • Language support and assistance for non-native teachers

All professional consultations take place online, are strictly confidential and priced at £35/hour. Our consultations aim to be friendly, supportive and informative and will always encourage you to exceed your potential as a teaching practitioner. 

To make a booking send us an enquiry with details regarding the kind of support you are looking for and the nature of the challenges you would like assistance with. 

We look forward to helping you help your students.


Attention English Teachers

Spending too much time planning lessons?

Stressed out and struggling to motivate your students?

Are your students becoming disengaged?

Wonder if you're doing the right thing?


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