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What are The Nine Parts of Speech?

Posted on 19 November, 2017 at 0:40

In a bid to deepen my knowledge of linguistics and English language, and perhaps also as an act of sneaky procrastination that has coincided conveniently with the start of this year's master's level study, I recently started reading about the history of English grammar.

It was here I came across this charming and surprisingly useful little poem.  The Play Grammar was published in 1848 with a companion verse entitled 'The Nine Parts of Speech: a rhyme to be learned by heart'

1. Three little words we often see

Are ARTICLES - a, and and the.

2. A NOUN's the name of any thing,

As house, or garden, hoop or swing.

3. ADJECTIVES tell the kind of Noun, 

As great, small, pretty, white or brown.

4. Instead of Nouns, the PRONOUNS stand;

Her head, his face, your arm, my hand.

5.VERBS tell of something being done;

To read, write, count, sing, jump or run.

6.How things are done, the ADVERBS tell,

As slowly, quickly, ill or well

7. CONJUNCTIONS join the words together, 

As men and women, wind and weather.

8. The PREPOSITIONS stand before

A Noun, - as in or through the door.

9. The INTERJECTION shows surprise, 

As oh! how pretty; ah! how wise.

The whole are called Nine Parts of Speech, 

Which reading, writing, speaking teach. 

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