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English with Cara 

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30 English Words for Beginners

Posted on 31 July, 2017 at 0:30 Comments comments (0)

Suitable for CEFR beginners (A1) + 

Language learning can sometimes be quite difficult, especially with a rather complex language like English, which has many tenses. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But the secret to learning any language is very simple: speak as much as possible!

Don’t worry about grammar too much in the beginning. Don't let complicated ...

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Am I the Right Teacher for You?

Posted on 16 July, 2017 at 9:00 Comments comments (0)

Suitable for CEFR beginners (A1) + 

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Not sure whether I am the right teacher for you? Check out my new video introduction to hear me speaking and find out how I can help you tak...

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